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Platinum Health Center provides premium acupuncture services to treat a wide arrange of medical issues. Acupuncture was traditionally used to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. It is now a complete medical protocol focused on correcting issues with the body such as; anxiety, depression, nausea, vomiting, IBS, Arthritis, Migraines and Parkinson’s disease. Acupuncture has also proved beneficial for reducing fatigue and addictions.

We Offer Non-Invasive Treatment Options for the following;

  • lower back pain
  • shoulder pain
  • knee pain
  • acupuncture for feet
  • post surgery care

Chronic Pain Treatment
The nature of acupuncture involves the insertion of thin-tipped needles in strategic points on the body. This technique is said to be effective at relieving chronic back (pain that lasts for 12 weeks or more) and neck pain. A 2012 study done by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics tested the effectiveness at treating four different chronic pain conditions: arthritis, chronic headaches, shoulder pain, and head and neck pain. The study involved more than 17,000 patients and demonstrated that the patients that received acupuncture treatment had lower levels of pain than patients in the placebo control group, showing that acupuncture is “more than just a placebo effect, therefore it’s a reasonable referral option for doctors.”

Reduces Frequency And Pain Level of Headaches/Migraines
Surprisingly, acupuncture has been proven to help treat headaches and migraines. A 2009 review of 2,137 acupuncture studies by the Complementary Medicine at the University of Munich showed that the technique “could be a valuable non-pharmacological tool in patients with frequent chronic tension-type headaches.”

Helps Treat Insomnia
Acupuncture has been proven to help many people treat insomnia. A 2009 study conducted by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine showed that when used in addition to other medications and herbal treatments, acupuncture had better pain-relieving effects than taking the the medicine or herbs themselves. Plus, unlike almost all other insomnia treatment methods, acupuncture has zero negative side effects whatsoever.

Helps Prevent Intellectual Decline
The benefits of acupuncture far transcend the physical realm — you may be surprised to hear that the technique is suggested to improve the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease in addition to age-related cognitive decline. A 2002 Department of Neurology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine study demonstrated that most patients with age-related cognitive issues reported improvements in tremors, handwriting, walking, slowness, depression, anxiety, pain, and sleep. Once again, there were no reported ill side effects.

Ultimately, keeping these acupuncture benefits in mind can help you decide whether or not the treatment method may be right for you. For more information about treatment for foot pain and other sports injury treatment options, contact Platinum Health Center.

Please download our PDF Fact Sheet.

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Yeon Taek Yu, O.M.D., L.Ac

Yeon Taek Yu, O.M.D., L.Ac. has been a licensed acupuncturist for 17 years. Dr. Yu earned his Bachelor ...