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Foot and Ankle

The Foot and Ankle activities offered by Platinum Health Center include providing information, proper diagnosis and non-surgical as well as surgical treatment for individuals of all ages with a different kind of foot and ankle issues like fractures, injuries, deformities and arthritis.

Some of the specific surgical services that Dr. Signorelli and his team offer include foot and ankle reconstruction, fracture care and ligament reconstruction. The Platinum Health Center consists of physicians who are following the latest news and changes in the field of podiatry. We are focused on innovative care for both foot and ankle issues. Our main objective is to provide new, more efficient techniques and methods of treating and evaluating the patients.

Of course, the main objective of Platinum Health Center is to help patients regain their ability to live a normal life and enjoy everyday activities. Dr. Signorelli relies on a multidisciplinary approach in taking care of patients. He has assistance provided by other specialists in this field.

Numbness, popping, snapping, swelling, stiffness, instability and pain – these are just some of the many unpleasant things that people will foot and ankle problems often experience. Obviously, these problems can make their lives very difficult and less enjoyable. This is where Platinum Health Center comes into play.

If you choose this health care center, you can rest assured that you will get the treatment you deserve. Thanks to the professionalism of Platinum Health Center, many men and women and even children were able to overcome some seemingly unsolvable problems.


Platinum Health Center specializes in evaluating and taking care of issues related to the lower limb especially the foot and ankle. Podiatry is all about maintaining and promoting excellent foot health in Santa Ana area. Dr, Signorelli and his team are doing their best to help patients keep their optimal mobility, ease pain and preserve independent.

The doctors will carefully assess a patient’s foot issue and suggest a treatment and even some self-care tips based on their specific condition. Platinum Health Center’s podiatry service will definitely help any patient enhance and increase control over their foot and ankle health.

There are different kinds of patients suffering from different problems. That’s why the podiatry service found at Platinum Health Center is so versatile.

For instance, the physicians can help people ease or eliminate foot pain. Professional podiatrists like Dr. Signorelli can diagnose foot pain easily by evaluating the structure of the foot of every patient. He can also conduct gait analysis. Of course, the list of activities related to the podiatry service doesn’t end her. Platinum Health Center also provides treatments for so-called high-risk feet. The people of Santa Ana can get premium-quality, accessible podiatry services even if they are suffering from diabetes or peripheral vascular disease. The experience and knowledge of Dr. Signorelli and other physicians at this health center combined with the latest equipment and tools can easily solve almost any foot issue. In case you need a reliable, well-established and professional health center that provides great podiatry services, opt for Platinum Health Center.

Reconstructive surgery

Foot/ankle reconstruction is a special type of surgery focused on correction of the structures of this part of the body. The main objective is to bring back the natural properties of the foot in cases when these properties and functionality were lost as a result of an illness or injury. In a perfect situation, every reconstructive surgery is performed to enhance the function and look of the foot allowing patients to maintain optimal quality of life.

At Platinum Health Center, you can expect to get the best possible foot and ankle reconstructive surgery. The team of knowledgeable, experienced and well-trained doctors led by Dr. Signorelli will be glad to help you regardless of the nature of your foot/ankle problem. These doctors know how to conduct many different reconstructive procedures that are part of reconstructive surgery. Each of these procedures is created to address various foot disorders and bring back the initial function and health of your foot. Thanks to their expertise, the doctors at Platinum Health Center can easily find the indications for a reconstructive surgery – postural deformity, hammertoes or bunions, infections, diabetes problems, difficulties with standing, problems when wearing ordinary shoes, pain while walking, tumors and more.

This is a very complex process because the foot is a complex body part. However, with Platinum Health Center and the reconstructive surgery service, you will not only get the best surgery, but you will also get premium-quality post-operative care which is very important. The doctors from this health center will work closely with you which will improve the final results.

Ligament repair

The foot and ankle are very complex parts of our body. In order to work properly, they rely on a few different types of ligaments. These ligaments represent powerful bands of tissue and this tissue keeps the bones in the ankle and feet very stable. As a result of repeated strains or different kinds of injuries, the ligaments located in the ankle can become unstable or weak. In cases like this, experts often advise surgery. The ligament repair surgery is focused on bringing back the original state of your damaged ligament/s.

Dr. Signorelli and his team of well-established physicians from the Platinum Health Center should be your first option in case you need ligament repair. Of course, the professionals at this health center will first determine whether the patient has provided any positive response to different non0srgical treatments. If the answer is negative, then a surgery is probably the best idea.

The Platinum Health Center provides complete ligament repair services. This means that patients are prepared for the procedure, get an explanation for the procedure and helped once the procedure is finished.

For example, before the surgical ligament repair process begins, patients may need imaging tests in the form of MRI or X-rays. On the other hand, they will have to visit the health center few more times after the procedure too.

Platinum Health Center is one of the most successful health centers dedicated to foot and ankle care especially foot and ankle surgeries in Santa Ana.


There is no doubt that foot and ankle fractures can be very unpleasant and cause a lot of problems. What is important to know is that these fractures come in different sizes and severities. Experienced doctors like Dr. Signorelli and other doctors from the Platinum Health Center know that different kinds of foot and ankle fracture cases require different approaches. This is the only way to get the best results from a treatment.

The podiatrists at Platinum Health Center have long experience and expertise in taking care of every type of fracture in both children and adults in Santa Ana and the surrounding area. This is where you can get custom treatment solutions designed for optimal healing.

Diagnosis of a foot and/or ankle fracture starts with a thorough physical examination and evaluation. This assessment includes a careful hands-on evaluation and active and passive range of motion workouts that will help the doctor determine the source of pain. MRI and X-rays may be required too, in order to identify the cause and extent of foot fracture. This will obviously help the doctors find the right treatment.

Dr. Signorelli and his team may recommend a few different treatment solutions for the foot or ankle fracture. Splinting or castings are typical solutions for moderate and mild fractures. On the other hand, severe fracture usually requires surgery. Patients can get every type of treatment in the Platinum Health Center in Santa Ana. Thanks to the advanced equipment, great knowledge, and expertise, you can expect the best fracture services.

Plantar fasciitis

Are you dealing with unbearable arch and/or heel pain? If the answer is affirmative then there is a great chance that you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. The podiatrists at Platinum Health Center certainly know how to conduct a successful plantar fasciitis treatment. They have been successful even in cases of long standing chronic problems. The treatment provided by Dr. Signorelli and his team is focused not only on reducing the symptoms of plantar fasciitis but also on the cause of this unpleasant issue. These professionals will know exactly which treatments and activities are the best for your case.

Plantar fasciitis is a serious foot condition that results in pain located in the arch and/or under the heel especially when the sufferer is working or lifting objects. The main cause is excess strain on this part of the foot (plantar fascia). The pain is typically very intense in the morning when the first steps are made.

Plantar fasciitis can be diagnosed easily if you use the help of Platinum Health Center podiatrists. They will perform a detailed examination and check the history. In rare cases, patients will need X-ray or MRI. It is worth mentioning that the symptoms we’ve described before are often related to other health issues, but the professionals at Platinum Health Center will determine whether the patient is suffering from plantar fasciitis or some other problem.

The podiatrists at Platinum Health Center have vast experience treating heel pain and plantar fasciitis. This is one of the most common health conditions they treat and they certainly know how to solve this problem in an efficient and timely manner.

Achilles heel

Foot and ankle problems related to injured Achilles tendon is one of the most common conditions treated at Platinum Health Clinic. Achilles heel might be common, but this doesn’t mean that this condition is simple. The Achilles tendon represents a relatively large structure that starts at the heels and ends at the calf muscles. If this tendon is not functioning properly, people will lose balance and reduce shock absorption which will eventually lead to pain even when they are performing everyday activities like walking.

Some of the most common causes of Achilles heel are improper foot posture, a sudden increase in physical activity, sudden weight gain and obesity, improper footwear and arthritis and aging. It is worth mentioning that the specialists at Platinum Health Center led by Dr. Signorelli, a renowned podiatrist, can help you with this condition regardless of the cause.

In order to set proper diagnosis, the physicians will conduct a few tests and talk to the patient. If a patient feels pain in the Achilles tendon after sitting or standing for a longer period of time, when they wake up and take the first steps, when they are climbing the stairs or the tendon is soft and tender to touch, it is very likely that the patient is suffering from Achilles heel.

Platinum Health Center is a podiatric clinic that can provide both non-operative treatment options and surgeries. It all depends on the severity of your condition. The final solution is based on the talks that you will have with the doctors at Platinum Health Center.

Muscle tear

Muscle tears in ankles and feet can occur in both children and adults. What is important to mention is that these tears are often under-treated or ignored which usually results in unnecessary suffering, instability and long term pain. In some cases, patients have to opt for surgeries even though the problem could’ve been fixed in a different way if it was addressed in a timely manner.Platinum Health Center is trying to raise the awareness of the importance of comprehensive and timely foot and ankle care in cases of muscle tear.

Swelling and pain on the outer side of the foot and ankle, pain when walking, discoloration and/or bruising of the injured area, feeling of imbalance – these are some of the most common symptoms of muscle tear. Platinum Health Center and the team of experts led by Dr. Signorelli has experience in treating and rehabilitating muscle tear. The team of physicians assesses the ankle and foot during the first visit, trying to determine abnormal rotation and instability. In this way, they can tell if the muscles are injured and they can determine the extent of the injury. It is possible that they will also take X-rays.

At Platinum Health Center, patients can expect two basic types of muscle tear treatments – non-surgical and surgical treatments. It is good to know that the physicians at this center have experience, knowledge, and training in conducting both treatments. It won’t take much time before you are fully recovered once they finish the treatment.

Heel fractures

The heel bone is a relatively large bone that serves as a foundation of the rear part of our feet. This bone, also known as calcaneus, is connected to the cuboid bones and the talus. The heel bone has a thin and hard outer layer, but it’s spongy and soft inside. Once the outer part becomes broken, the bone usually collapses and breaks. So, heel fractures are serious injuries. In addition, in case the fracture affects the joints too, this injury can lead to chronic pain and the emergence of arthritis in the future.

There are many causes of heel fractures, but almost all of them are related to some traumatic event like falling from a height or car crashes for instance. The doctors at Platinum Health Center will ask you about the cause of the injury, check the problematic foot and ankle and request X-rays. Additionally, it is not unusual to take MRI tests too.

The heel fractures treatments are closely related to the extent of the injury and the type of fracture. In most cases, you will need a surgery. The good news is that Dr. Signorelli and his team have knowledge, experience, and expertise in this field. These professionals will recommend non-surgical treatments if possible. In cases of severe heel fractures, you can expect surgeries focused on joint reconstruction or joint fusion. As previously mentioned, if you need true professionals that can help you with heel fractures; you can count on Platinum Health Center.

Sports injuries

We use our feet and ankles to conduct many different activities on a daily basis. A foot or ankle injury can prevent us from walking, jumping, running or standing. Both amateur and professional athletes often look for podiatric services in order to optimize the work of their feet and ankles. In addition, sometimes they have to look for a way to treat their injuries – known as sports injuries.

There are many different types of sports injuries and stress fractures, Achilles tendonitis, and ankle sprains seem to be some of the most common types of sports injuries today. Plantar fasciitis and tendonitis are two other frequent sports injuries related to feet and ankles. In cases like this, it is the best idea to look for professional help like the one provided by Platinum Health Center.

The Platinum Health Center team advises the use of the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) method when the injury occurs. If the symptoms and pain are not affected by the RICE treatment, they recommend a trip to their premises. An experienced doctor at Platinum Health Center will diagnose the foot and/or ankle injury by performing a physical exam, taking MRI or X-ray and checking your medical history.

At Platinum Health Center, you can expect to get a non-surgical or surgical sports injuries treatment. The best part is that the professionals that work there, led by Dr. Signorelli, have the tools, equipment, knowledge and experience to solve any foot and an ankle problem and sports injuries are not an exception.