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Ligament Repair

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Ligament Repair

The foot and ankle are very complex parts of our body. In order to work properly, they rely on a few different types of ligaments. These ligaments represent powerful bands of tissue and this tissue keeps the bones in the ankle and feet very stable. As a result of repeated strains or different kinds of injuries, the ligaments located in the ankle can become unstable or weak. In cases like this, experts often advise surgery. The ligament repair surgery is focused on bringing back the original state of your damaged ligament/s.

Dr. Signorelli and his team of well-established physicians from the Platinum Health Center should be your first option in case you need ligament repair. Of course, the professionals at this health center will first determine whether the patient has provided any positive response to different non0srgical treatments. If the answer is negative, then a surgery is probably the best idea.

The Platinum Health Center provides complete ligament repair services. This means that patients are prepared for the procedure, get an explanation for the procedure and helped once the procedure is finished.

For example, before the surgical ligament repair process begins, patients may need imaging tests in the form of MRI or X-rays. On the other hand, they will have to visit the health center few more times after the procedure too.

Platinum Health Center is one of the most successful health centers dedicated to foot and ankle care especially foot and ankle surgeries in Santa Ana.

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Our multi-specialty doctors and staff at Platinum Health Center are passionate about providing the quality of care for each patient we would give our families. To deliver outstanding medical care, we attentively listen and collaborate with the patient to develop the best treatment plan.

Platinum Health Center is focused on delivering superior Multi-Specialty and Foot and Ankle surgeries to patients of all ages. Platinum Health Center strongly believes that prevention and early intervention are crucial for the proper care and treatment of patient’s health and feet. That’s why we provide a complete range of podiatry care like surgical therapies. We are committed to delivering top-notch multi-specialty and podiatry care in a friendly and warm environment. In this way, every patient feels comfortable and relaxed.

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